The Micturition of Shiwajun

The storms of electoralis continued to blow across the Jirrian Kingdoms and descended again on Ekitilopia, where the reign of King Jekfa was coming to an end. The Apicurean and Padipalian houses gathered to choose their champions to fight another proxy war on behalf of the 2 Hokey-Pokey Ekitilopian Kings. Why were Jekfa and Yode Hokey-Pokey? Well, as the ancient canticle went, “You put the Yode in, the Jekfa out, in out in out and shake them both about…”

Jekfa threw his incumbent weight behind Yebanjius, while Yode hoped Kollax would fare better than Nondes Crypt, his champion and Padipalia’s in the last outing.

Electoralis Federalis fever also continued to sweep the kingdoms with lots of people pestering others, who had absolutely no intention of contending for the iron throne, into doing so. There was King JarJar Bellows of Kogitaria who had been proceeding most loudly with the greatest reluctance into the contest, urged on by hordes of invisible dementors. There was also, very suddenly, Mefilius, Warden of the Iron Bank of Boo Jar and exclusive custodian of the orizal visions of King Gambrach for the sativication of the nation – his dementors were also gathering, but more visibly than JarJar Bellows’.

“Ser Mefilius has shown great dexterity in the management of the Kingdom’s coin, implementing several rates of exchange with the Bidenistani Shekel, thereby ensuring that economic saboteurs did not know which one to defend against, by which victory was established over economic stability!

“Mefilius did not think his hallowed office too sacred to abandon High Policy for the orizal swamps – indeed he made them his dwelling place, causing the price of the paddy grain to rise so high that farmers salivated at the potential windfall!

“Singlehandedly, Mefilius helped Gambrach steer Jirria away from the seas inhabited by Chavezistan and Mugabestan. Yea, for these reasons and an uncountable more, we demand that he makes himself available for the iron throne of Boo Jar!”

The people of Jirria had never seen such a thing, where the serving warden of the Iron Bank was being dementored towards the Iron Throne. And lo, unchill began to rumble again.

Shiwajun continued his quest for the iron throne, after a brief period of repose in Jandinia, seeking support from various quarters across the land. And following one such visit, it was alleged that his robes were soiled and of stench when he rose to address the audience. Yea, engravings of the event filled Twilistia and all of Social Mediana. But the Shiwajunistas declared it a fabrication of the Shops of Foto and urged all to disregard all insinuations of incontinence. Yea, they continued to sing their Shiwajunian anthem, with vim and gusto, “ON YOUR MAN BITS WE SHALL STAND, ON YOUR MAN BITS WE SHALL STAND! ON YOUR MAN BITS, ON YOUR MAN BITS, ON YOUR MAN BITS WE SHALL STAND!!” Is that safe, everyone else wondered?

And it was in that day that Constabilius Supernumerary Extraordinaire – Bacca Ki-Arry – was declared a wanted person by the King’s Narcosentinels. The Narcosentinels were headed by former man of Gunn Myrrh-Wa, who had served as King of Ekonoss in the era of the Gunners. Myrrh-Wa approached his commission more as a scentinel than a sentinel and was determined to sniff out Narcophiliacs every gaddem where. Ki-Arry was already under suspicion and suspension and investigation for his fraternity with the Hushing Puppy and the accusation of the Narcosentinels ensured his future behind bars drew nearer.

The Jirrians had their suspicions but had never seen a Constabilius Supernumerary Extraordinaire proclaimed a Narcophiliac with such near certainty. And lo, the unchill in the land grew louder.

But they hadn’t seen anything yet. The seasons of electoralis had always been seasons of betrayals and defecations but little did the people know that the contest for the throne of Oshunlonica was about to serve them tea. At the last contest for Kingship, the Lord of the Dance (Uncle to the Bard SolomonO, birribengbeng) was widely believed to have won the context but Shiwajun and Ogbenyssius unleashed a wahala morghulis of sorts and Boyegius Tolanix of Iragbijishire (wink, wink, hint, hint) was coronated as King. The first quadrannium of King Boyegius was drawing to a close and ordinarily he was entitled to contend again for the throne but it seemed Ogbenyssius was desirous of a different outcome.

For news came to the Jirrians in Twilistia and on the Book of Faces, that Ogbenyssius spake against Shiwajun publicly and polemically. He said “Freinds, Oshunlonicans, countrymen!! Remember ye not, that in Ekonnos there was a King, King Ambsalom of the Waist Corset, who ruled for one quadrannium but was not favoured by his Court for another and SOME PEOPLE banished him?”

“Yes!!!” the crowd responded.

“SOME PEOPLE ensured that his lack of popularity in House Apicurea was rightly rewarded. Didn’t they?”

“YES!!” the crowd cried back in earnest.

“And now that their sibling from Iragbijishire suffers the same dispopularity in Oshunlonica, should he not face the same fate? Should he not? But SOME PEOPLE think they can lean in and prevent it? Should it be so?”

“NO!!!” came the resounding cry.

“SOME PEOPLE’s man bits have been stood on for so long now that they suffer involuntary micturition!”

WHATTT??? The people could not believe that such credence would be lent to these suspicions by someone in the innermost circles of Shiwajun. And in the words of the ancient thespian Dunladus Koladus, they exclaimed, “Ogbenyssius wanna focking shey yeye Shiwajun niwajun awon ara ita???


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