EXCLUSIVE!!! O. Methu Selah: Official Statement on the PDP’s Recent Change of Heart


Dear Members of our great party, the People’s Democratic Party, the greatest political party in all of the African hemisphere, peace and salutations from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (swt) to you. As always, we remember that there is God in everything we are doing.


We know that certain microscopic sections of the general populace would have many believe otherwise, but we are a listening party. Our people say that one cannot have the biggest head in Africa, without also being blessed with the biggest ears. Actually, our people don’t really say that, but you will see where we are going with this. We have the biggest ears and we heard the murmuring and displeasure of all the little people in our great party. You know how the English also say you should look at the ant and see what it is doing.


So we have looked at all the ants that say they too want to contest for the presidency and have decided, in the democratic nature of our party and its name, to fling the door open to all contestants for the next 48 hours. Goodluck Jonathan is still our sole candidate, but we are a democratic party.


To my brothers and sisters who we are not officially allowed to acknowledge, those Nigerian Ambassadors of Transformation (haha, see how we coded it?), know that your labour is not in vain. Your efforts to contrive a consensus across the length and breadth of Nigeria, and the billions of naira that were invested in the venture shall certainly not go to waste. As you traversed our vast nation on a divine purpose of political evangelism, rest assured that we remain converted. Your sweats that you are sharing are crying out for you. Goodluck Jonathan is our sole candidate, but it is open to other candidates to throw their hats into the ring. This is democracy at work, and this is the beauty of democracy.


To those who paid for the nomination forms, knowing that the party had settled on a sole candidate and knowing further that this is still the party’s position, please come and collect your forms. This being Nigeria, there will be no refunds and returns. Do not think, however, that this is the sole reason why we have permitted you to try your luck against Goodluck, our sole candidate. Afterall, the good Nigerians who contributed over N100m to the President’s nomination-form-picking fund are more than able to take it upon themselves to refund the fee. No. We are the People’s Democratic Party and we realise that we must always be democratic. As lawyers say, democracy must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.


We will publish the rules for our convention soon enough, so that you and your supporters will know how to contend against our sole pre-endorsed candidate. We do not want anyone to be caught by surprise, and we will therefore ensure as level a playing field as possible, for yourselves and for our sole pre-endorsed candidate. In the regrettably sad but highly event that you do not prevail over our sole candidate, we trust that you will be democratic statesmen and give him your full support in February 2015.


– O. Methu Selah, for the PDP

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