The Limericks of David Moyes (from August 2013)



Dave Moyesey ‘s been aging since May

His white hair is turning to grey

Though used to the boos

Can’t walk in those shoes

And can’t make his footballers play.



The fearful Manchester United

Now managed by Scotsman un-Knighted

Is down in a rut

A stagnancy glut

And Arsenal fans are delighted!


Moyes 3

A thought for the reds of Manchester

Because them again we must pester

Fourth home loss in six

Can Moyesy still fix

Or does Alex need a de-rester?



Since Alex chose David on bias

Each challenge’s been the Himalayas

Each foe David’s seen

Has busted his spleen

Has been the proverbial Goliath



The tactic today is to cross

Tis what they’ve been told by the boss

They haven’t yet scored

Their fans’ ox is gored

Let’s hope won’t be another loss.



A farewell to poor David Moyes

Took over Sir Alex’s boys

Transformed them from winners

To Merseyside’s dinners

And leaves them without any poise

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