The Chronicles of Chill

And it came to pass, on the tenth day of the second month of the two thousandth and fourteenth year of our Lord, after a season of chill, a trouble came upon the land of the Twillistines and there was a lack of chill.

The prophets of blog had been summoned by King JeKFa of the Western Kingdom of Ekitilopia and lo, he sought their counsel for three days and three nights. Yea, unto them did he bring a feast and unto them he shewed the fat of the land.

He spake unto them his vision for prosperity  that he might receive their prophetic anointing for the crown not to depart from his head. And the prophets, upon return to whence they came, did receive fifty bags of silver from King JeFka.

And they prophesied unto the Twillistines. But yea, after 2 days and 2 nights were passed from the departure of the Prophets of Blog from the presence of King JeFka, the spirit of the Tword came upon Bubsalom, prophet of PiDoPilia and through him it was revealed that utterance from the Prophets of Blog followed the receipt of silver. And there erupted a severe lack of chill. The Prophets of Blog, incensed, did say that many of their number received the 50 bags of silver in restitution, rather than gratification or perversion. Then that evil spirit, demon from the depths, swept over the Twillistines. And his name is known unto the sons of men as Cynicism. Thence followed the chronicles of chill…

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